Advanced Graphic Design Workflow:

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Level-Up Your Graphic Design Process & Career Beyond Your Expectations!

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When enrolling on this course, you are making an important decision to take your graphic design career seriously. You will be shown a highly advanced and methodical design process, one that will allow you to smash any design brief.
For the price most people pay per month for their internet access, you will have a lifetime access to a highly advanced, professional, and effective graphic design workflow process, along with a folder full of course materials to work with.

What You Get When Enrolling

This isn't just a course. Not only will you have lifetime access to the course modules, but you will also have access to a course folder containing a bunch of helpful resources.

Project Worksheet:

A multi-page document that helps you document research and aspects of your graphic design process in real time.


Audience Persona Document:

A PDF template for you to use when creating and documenting the target audience of your client.


Client Questionnaire:

A questionnaire document you can send to every client at the start of a project. This will help you can get the correct information you need.


60 Prompts For ChatGPT:

A detailed PDF document that has useful prompts graphic designers use to gain vital information for every project.

It’s important to know exactly what your audience wants, why they want it, and how to use that in your design workflow.
You’ll learn a professional and highly effective way to setup your design process, and how to plan a design project so that it runs smoothly.
Ai is crucial within graphic design, but professional designers don’t use it in the same way that lower-level designers do. It’s a great tool for gathering information and for planning projects.
As part of the professional graphic design workflow, we gather a lot of information. Something that will help us in our workflows, is if we can condense it into manageable and usable chunks.
Often what separates the higher level graphic designer, from the more beginner level designers, is that the more advanced designer knows how to personalize a design to appeal to a target audience.
We wrap up the course and deal with some final thoughts about everything that we have covered and learned.

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